Watercolor Floral Band Mural Wall Art Wallpaper - Peel and Stick

SKU: W8027-Pink-Sample-Vinyl


Transform any room or accent wall into an explosion of flowers with our Watercolor Floral Band Mural. Like all of our on-trend wallpaper patterns, this modern design and color palette pairs well with contemporary spaces and updates traditional rooms.

The overall pattern repeats every 4 sheets. Each sheet is sold individually, so you would order the amount that you need to fill your wall space. For example, if you have a wall that is 8 feet wide, you would need to order 4 sheets (you will receive sheets 1 through 4 as shown in the illustrated diagram).

Pattern Repeat:
96" (Every 4 sheets in width)

***Mural design will not match between sizes. Please only order one size***

Scaled Sample:
Please note, due to the scale (size) of this design, 8x11 inch samples will show a scaled print to display more of the design pattern on the 8x11 sample size. If you'd like to view the full size scale of the design, please purchase the 24 x 24 inch sample.

Previous Order Matching:
Because all of our items are made to order, we cannot guarantee an exact color match of the same item from orders of different dates. This is because we go through many rolls of material each day and over time, roll lots can vary ever so slightly. Please be sure to order the correct quantity. It is always a good idea to over estimate 1 extra roll per project. Please contact us if you need help in calculating the correct quantities for your project.

Customer Reviews

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I have not yet installed the mural, but was somewhat surprised that it is not an edge-to-edge match, but requires an overlap to properly match the pattern. This has caused me to revise my installation approach, as it will mean installing with the overlap, then trimming and removing the lapping strips.The paper appears to be sturdy, and the pattern print is as expected, with a somewhat more distinct background pattern "texture" print. Still, it is attractive and should serve our purpose well.