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Wall Growth Charts

Children grow very quickly, and it’s hard to imagine a better way to document their growth year after year than with a wall growth chart from Simple Shapes. Simple Shapes wall growth charts are peel and stick wall stickers that can be easily applied to the walls of your playroom, nursery, or children’s room to keep track of how much they’re growing. Available in grey, brown, and birch, there is a Simple Shapes wall chart that is perfectly suited to just about any home decor style, and observing how children grow right before your eyes is an experience that is fun and meaningful for every member of your family. 


What Is a Wall Sticker?

Simple Shapes wall growth charts are wall stickers designed to be easily installed and even more easily removed from any wall in your house without causing any damage to your paint. Every wall sticker is made from high quality sticker material with an adhesive backing, making installation as easy as simply peeling and sticking. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, because our stickers were designed to be repositioned, removed and reused without marking up your wall or leaving any residue behind. Simple Shapes wall stickers are an affordable, stress free way to breathe new life into any room in your home.


Time Moves Fast, So Don’t Miss a Moment

If there’s one fact that parents know better than anyone else, it’s that time moves faster than we ever imagine it will, and especially for parents, it’s important to never miss a moment. With Simple Shapes wall growth charts, you can make sure that every moment counts and that you never overlook the little things along the way. Not only are children excited to measure their height and see how much they’ve grown, but parents and loved ones can mark their height with the date to create a beautiful memory for many years to come. Children don’t stay small for very long, and Simple Shapes makes it easy to savor the moment. The simple act of measuring a child’s height can be a bonding activity in and of itself, and because every Simple Shapes wall sticker is easy to remove, children can take their growth chart down when they’re ready and hang on to it as a cherished memento no matter where life may lead them.


Celebrate Milestones with Simple Shapes Wall Growth Charts

Simple Shapes wall growth charts ensure that childhood milestones never go unnoticed or without celebration. All of Simple Shapes wall stickers are designed and produced in-house in Ramsey, New Jersey, and each and every product is made to order, which means it couldn’t be easier to resize a wall sticker larger or smaller to best suit your space if need be. Our wall growth charts are a meaningful way to add a subtle touch to your home decor, and because our stickers are long-lasting, you and your family will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.