Tree Wall Decal with Monkeys Giraffe and Birds

SKU: W1042-A


Everything that your child will love! Monkeys, birds and a super cute giraffe wall decal complete with a tree and branch. The cute and cuddly monkeys will always put a smile on your child's face. Each animal and leaf are separate decals and can be placed anywhere you wish, so be creative!

Tree Size (approx.): 65"w x 90"h
Branch Size (approx): 39"w x 25"h
Giraffe Decal Size (approx): 28"w x 57"h

What's Included:
2 Monkeys
1 Tall Giraffe
4 Cute Birds

Choosing Colors:
Select a predesigned color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose Color: Other and in the Other Color Selection Box, please enter the colors that you'd like from the color chart.

[Choosing Colors]
> Color A (Tree & Branch): Choose 1 color
> Color B (Leaves): Choose 1 color
> Color C (Leaves): Choose 1 color
> Color D (Monkeys): Choose 1 color
> Color E (Birds): Choose 1 color
> Color F (Giraffe Body, Bird beak): Choose 1 color
> Color G (Giraffe Spots & Tail): Choose 1 color
(Monkey's face is always Desert Beige.)

Additional Information:
Animals are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The decals turned out so cute in my son’s room and went on very easily!


I bought this decal for my baby's nursery and it looks better in real life than on the website. Customer service responded to my emails instantly and was able to send me pictures of the decal with various customized colors of my liking. Would recommend to anyone interested in wall decals.


This product is awesome and I recommend it to anyone! It has made our baby's room perfect and we hear so many compliments about how it turned out. The instructions were clear and applying the decals was easy and quick (about 2 hours total for the whole project). I would buy from here again in a heartbeat.