Star Dot Wall Decal

SKU: W1143-A


Bring the wonder of stargazing into your home with our Star Dot Wall Decal. Choose your favorite color scheme and arrange on your wall any way you wish!

Star Size : 4"w x 4"h
Dot Size : 0.7"w x 0.7"h

What's Included:
(36) Star Decal
(84) Dot Decal

Choosing Colors:
The Star Dot Wall Decal is available in three different color schemes: Scheme A (Black Stars and Silver Metallic Dots), Scheme B (Gold Metallic Stars and Orange Dots), and Scheme C (Silver Metallic Stars and Black Dots). Color: Other and in the Other Color Selection Box, please enter the colors that you'd like from the color chart.

[Choosing Colors]
> Color A (Star Decal): Choose 1 color
> Color B (Dot Decal): Choose 1 color