Kids Art Display Frames Wall Stickers

SKU: W1084-quote


Show off your child's artwork using our wall sticker frames. If you have a child, you probably have been wondering what to do with all of the finished art projects they come home with. Now there's an easy way to display them on your wall! Each frame is a separate wall sticker that you can arrange any way you wish. This set also comes with a choice of banners. A pre-written Picasso quote or choose a blank banner that you can write in your child's name or any other wording. This wall sticker set is fully removable and reusable so you can move around the frames as you wish.

Frame Size: (approx.) 13" x 17" (That fits up to 9" x 12" art)
Overall Size as Shown: (approx.) 53"w x 49"h (You can arrange the frames differently if you have limited space.)

What's Included:
6 Frames
1 Banner (You can choose either the Picasso quote or the blank banner.)

Important Information:
Each frame has a white background inside the outer line. Use double sided tape or sticky dots to attach artwork.