Irregular Dots Wall Decals (0.75 - 1 inch dots)

SKU: W1142-Black


Who doesn't love polka dots?! Place them on your wall evenly spaced or however you wish! The size of each dot ranges from approximately 0.75" - 1".

**Please note that each dot is an irregular-shaped dot, not a perfect circle. For dot decals that are perfect circles, please check out our Large Polka Dots or Small Polka Dots wall decals**

Dot Size: 0.75" - 1"

What's Included:
Set of (176) dots - One single color per set

Choosing Colors:
Select a predesigned colors black, gold, or warm grey; or for any other color just choose Color: Other and in the Other Color Selection Box, please enter the colors that you'd like from the color chart.