Friendly Forest Owls with Corner Tree Wall Decal

SKU: W1161-96-A


Redecorate a blank wall in your little one's room with our Friendly Forest Owls with Corner Tree decal set. Kids will love being surrounded by cute owls and nature! All decals are separate pieces, so you can be creative with the arrangement and trim the trees to fit your wall perfectly. Choose from our three color schemes.

Standard Size:
96" (243 cm)
Overall Size (approx): 90"w x 96"h (228.6 cm x 243 cm)
(Total width will vary based on how you choose to place the trees.)

Large Size:
108" (274 cm)
Overall Size (approx): 90"w x 108"h (228.6 cm x 274 cm)
(Total width will vary based on how you choose to place the trees.)

Extra Large Size:
120" (304.8 cm)
Overall Size (approx): 90"w x 120"h (228.6 cm x 304.8 cm)
(Total width will vary based on how you choose to place the trees.)

What's Included:
1 Tree Decal
1 Moon Decal
8 Owls

Choosing Colors:
Select a pre-designed color scheme A, B, or C

Additional information:
The leaves, owls, and trees are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like! 

Customer Reviews

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Emma Sagan
Great product

Amazing! Such a great product. I purchased three different tree/woodland creature sets and have been making my own layout. Stickers are really high quality and easy to place.


We purchased this decal (the grey color scheme) to put in our baby's nursery. The end result is beautiful, but I did want to share some helpful information for those interested in buying.- The product is a full 8 ft tall, so if you have any baseboards to work around you will need to trim the top or bottom of the decal. We chose the bottom. This was helpful because we didn't get the measurement exactly right and needed to add a little more back to the top (half an inch or so). Taking from the bottom also made the branch placement better in our space.-Unless your wall space is completely obstacle free, I highly recommend taping the pieces of the tree and branches on your wall before sticking anything. We had to work around a light switch and an air return so this helped us work out the best possible placement. It was time consuming but totally worth it. -Speaking of time consuming, this project took much longer than I anticipated. Between the cutting, working out the placement, then finally starting to put up the pieces -- it was hours before we got the tree trunk up. After that point the rest was relatively easy to put up, but I recommend packing your patience, especially if you are even a moderate perfectionist. Definitely a two-person job.-As mentioned, the most challenging part of this project was putting up the tree trunk. The grooves in the tree create a lot of opportunity for bubbles and tears and you have to peel off the backing very slowly for these big pieces to prevent issues.-To help with aligning the pieces, I suggest trimming the transfer paper as close to the edge as possible -- especially the parts of the tree.In the end, I would definitely recommend this product. The leaves and the owls look SO CUTE in person. Just be prepared to spend several hours on this depending on the space you are working with, how much help you have, and how much of a perfectionist you are.