Alphabet Animals Wall Decals

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Kids love to learn their ABC's with our Alphabet Animal decals!
Animals: Antelope, Butterfly, Cow, Dolphin, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Hippo, Iguana, Jelly fish, Kangaroo, Lion, Monkey, Nightingale, Ostrich, Penguin, Quail, Rabbit, Snail, Tiger, Urchin, Viper, Wale, Xiphias, Yak, Zebra.

Overall Size (approx.): 61"w x 57"h
Each animal decals rage in size from 5" to 12" w by 5" to 14" h.

What's Included:
26 animals

Choosing Colors:
Select a predesigned color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose Color: Other and in the Other Color Selection Box, please enter the colors that you'd like from the color chart.

[Choosing Colors]
> Color A (Antelope, Dolphin, Giraffe, Jelly fish, Monkey, Penguin, Snail, Viper, Yak): Choose 1 color
> Color B (Butterfly, Elephant, Hippo, Kangaroo, Nightingale, Quail, Tiger, Wale, Zebra): Choose 1 color
> Color C (Cow, Frog, Iguana, Lion, Ostrich, Rabbit, Urchin, Xiphias ): Choose 1 color

Additional Information:
The animals are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like!

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Love these adorable decals!