Wild Animals Tropical Leaves Wall Sticker

SKU: W1147-bear

If your kids love animals, they'll love our Wild Animals Wall Stickers! This playful design is hand-drawn, full of personality, and doubles as a learning tool since kids can peel and stick each individual animal sticker. See how many animals your kinds can name - from hippos and tigers to monkeys, pandas, elephants, and more!

You can add additional sets of animals now or later when you feel the need to refresh your walls!

Hippopotamus (approx.): 27"w x 16"h
Tiger (approx.): 29"w x 14"h
Bear (approx.): 30"w x 18"h
Panda(approx.): 23"w x 19"h
Flamingo 1 (approx.): 14"w x 22"h
Flamingo 2 (approx.): 17"w x 18"h
Monkey 1 (approx.): 20"w x 23"h
Monkey 2 (approx.): 23"w x 11"h
Giraffe (approx.): 27"w x 39"h
Elephant (approx.): 33"w x 24"h

What's Included:
**PLEASE NOTE: this listing is not for ALL animals. Each animal is sold separately. Here are the separate sets that you can purchase and details about what is included in each one:

Tiger: includes 1 tiger and 4 large leaves
Hippo: includes 1 hippo and 4 large leaves
Bear: includes 1 bear and 3 large leaves
Panda: includes 1 panda and 3 large leaves
Flamingo: includes 2 flamingos and 3 large leaves
Monkey: includes 2 monkeys and 3 large leaves
Elephant: includes 1 elephant and 3 large leaves
Giraffe: includes 1 giraffe and 3 large leaves
Tropical Leaves: includes 13 leaves, 5 flowers, 2 petals