Personalized Anchor Wall Decal

SKU: W2032-ImpBlueScarRed


Decorate your little one's nursery or bedroom with this Personalized Anchor Wall Decal!

Anchor Size - 21"w x 28"h
Name Size - 9"-23"w x 4"-6"h

What's Included
> 1 Anchor
> 2 Birds
> 1 Name

Choosing Colors:
Select a predesigned color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose Color: Other and in the Other Color Selection Box, please enter the colors that you'd like from the color chart. 

No matter the coloring please provide the name in the Other color selection box.

[Choosing Colors]
> Color A (Anchor & Birds): Choose 1 color
> Color B (Name): Choose 1 color