Patterned Branches and Birds Wall Sticker

SKU: W1068-A


Pattern branches and birds stickers can be removed and repositioned multiple times so that you can continuously change the branches on your walls. Have fun decorating and redecorating the birds and branches! It can be a fun activity with the kids, family and friends!

***As of July 1st 2023 our sticker material has changed to a Premium Vinyl Peel and Stick Material. If you need to order our older material please message us***

Large Branch Size (approx): 42”w x 27”h
Small Branch Size (approx): 32”w x 17”h

What's Included:
2 Branches
35 Leaves
3 Birds

Important Information:
The pieces are separate so they can be arranged in a multitude of ways! Name decal not included.