Wild Animals Tropical Leaves Wall Sticker

SKU: W1147-bear


If your kids love animals, they'll love our Wild Animals Wall Stickers! This playful design is hand-drawn, full of personality, and doubles as a learning tool since kids can peel and stick each individual animal sticker. See how many animals your kinds can name - from hippos and tigers to monkeys, pandas, elephants, and more!

You can add additional sets of animals now or later when you feel the need to refresh your walls!

***As of July 1st 2023 our sticker material has changed to a Premium Vinyl Peel and Stick Material. If you need to order our older material please message us***

Hippopotamus (approx.): 27"w x 16"h
Tiger (approx.): 29"w x 14"h
Bear (approx.): 30"w x 18"h
Panda(approx.): 23"w x 19"h
Flamingo 1 (approx.): 14"w x 22"h
Flamingo 2 (approx.): 17"w x 18"h
Monkey 1 (approx.): 20"w x 23"h
Monkey 2 (approx.): 23"w x 11"h
Giraffe (approx.): 27"w x 39"h
Elephant (approx.): 33"w x 24"h

What's Included:
**PLEASE NOTE: this listing is not for ALL animals. Each animal is sold separately. Here are the separate sets that you can purchase and details about what is included in each one:

Tiger: includes 1 tiger and 4 large leaves
Hippo: includes 1 hippo and 4 large leaves
Bear: includes 1 bear and 3 large leaves
Panda: includes 1 panda and 3 large leaves
Flamingo: includes 2 flamingos and 3 large leaves
Monkey: includes 2 monkeys and 3 large leaves
Elephant: includes 1 elephant and 3 large leaves
Giraffe: includes 1 giraffe and 3 large leaves
Tropical Leaves: includes 13 leaves, 5 flowers, 2 petals