Effortless Children's Room Makeovers with Simple Shapes's Wall Decals

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August 01, 2023

Creating a comfortable, fun, and engaging environment for children is an essential aspect of fostering their emotional and cognitive development. A well-thought-out living space can positively impact a child's imagination, creativity, and sense of individuality, becoming the perfect backdrop for them to grow and flourish. With Simple Shapes's modern wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper, you can transform your child's room into the ideal haven for their unique personality and a place where they will love spending time.

Led by a husband-wife duo, an architect and a graphic designer, Simple Shapes offers expertly crafted and innovative wall decals designed to make any room makeover easy, efficient, and enjoyable. With a focus on high-quality materials, captivating designs, and a keen sense of style, Simple Shapes's wall decals are the perfect solution for effortlessly updating your child's room, making it a nurturing, joyful, and inspiring environment for them to grow.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using wall decals when redesigning children's rooms and demonstrate various approaches to planning your child's ultimate room makeover with Simple Shapes. We'll explore different themes and concepts that can be created using Simple Shapes's wall decals to suit your child's age, interests, and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized space for them to nurture their creativity.

We will provide valuable tips and suggestions for combining wall decals with other smart design elements to create a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically appealing living space for your children. Whether you are designing a nursery for your bundle of joy or updating a bedroom for your adolescent, Simple Shapes's wall decals provide an array of extraordinary options to create the perfect kids' room that is both delightful and inspiring.

Why Choose Wall Decals for Your Child's Room Makeover

Using wall decals in your child's room allows you to create an engaging and comfortable environment that caters to their evolving tastes and interests. Let's explore the benefits of opting for Simple Shapes's wall decals for your kids' room makeover.

1. Easy to Install and Remove

Simple Shapes's wall decals are designed for hassle-free installation and removal, making them an ideal choice for decorating your child's room. As they grow and their interests evolve, you can easily change the decals to keep up with their maturing preferences.

2. Versatile and Customizable

With a wide range of designs, colors, and themes, wall decals can be customized to fit your child's unique personality. This versatility allows you to create rooms that encourage creativity, individuality, and a sense of belonging.

3. Budget-Friendly Redesign

Compared to other room makeover approaches, using wall decals is a cost-effective solution that significantly reduces expenses associated with repainting or wallpapering while still delivering a substantial style impact.

Creative Themes for Your Child's Room Makeover

Simple Shapes's wall decals offer an abundance of options for designing creative and inspiring themes in your child's room, catering to their interests and passions. Below are some popular themes to consider as you embark on your child's room makeover journey.

1. Adventure and Exploration

Encourage your little explorer's curiosity by designing a room focused on adventure and discovery. Utilize map-themed wall decals or animal stickers to create an atmosphere of wonder, sparking their imagination and inspiring them to learn about the world around them.

2. Fairy Tales and Whimsical Creatures

For younger children who adore fairy tales and whimsical creatures, create a magical space using wall decals featuring enchanting designs, such as fairies, unicorns, and forest animals. This theme will fuel their imagination and offer a cozy, nurturing environment that fosters their love of storytelling.

3. Sports and Active Living

For physically active children or sports enthusiasts, consider designing a room that reflects their athletic interests. Simple Shapes offers a variety of sports-themed wall decals to create the perfect backdrop for your aspiring athlete, promoting a healthy lifestyle and cultivating their passion for sports.

Designing Age-Appropriate Spaces for Your Child

To ensure your child's room continues to support their development and growth over time, it is essential to design age-appropriate spaces that cater to their evolving needs.

1. Nursery and Early Childhood

For infants and young children, opt for soothing color schemes and wall decals that encourage sensory development, such as those featuring shapes, animals, or nature scenes. Creating a calming and nurturing environment will support your little one's early developmental stages.

2. School-Aged Children

As children transition into school, creating a space that accommodates their academic, social, and emotional growth is crucial. Choose wall decals that align with newer interests, ensuring the room remains a stimulating environment for learning, creating, and playing.

3. Adolescents and Teens

For older children, room makeovers may focus more on personal expression and creating a space to retreat and unwind. Opt for wall decals that reflect their interests or use designs with inspiring quotes and graphics to foster a proactive and positive attitude.

Tips for Designing Your Child's Room Using Wall Decals

To effectively incorporate Simple Shapes's wall decals into your child's room makeover, keep these design tips in mind for a coordinated, cohesive, and visually appealing living space that inspires creativity and nurtures development.

1. Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

Choose a color palette that compliments the wall decals and your child's preferences. Consider hues that promote relaxation and creativity while providing a comfortable atmosphere for learning, playing, and sleeping.

2. Ensuring Functionality and Comfort

When planning your child's room makeover, it is essential to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Make sure the room layout accommodates the necessary furniture, provides adequate storage, and incorporates a designated play or study area.

3. Personalizing Space with Accessories

Accentuate the wall decals with coordinating accessories, such as bedding, rugs, and curtains, to create a cohesive and personalized space that reflects your child's interests and passions.


Creating the perfect kids' room with the help of Simple Shapes's wall decals has never been easier or more enjoyable. With an array of design options, colors, and themes, these decals provide limitless possibilities for designing engaging and inspiring living spaces tailored to your child's age, interests, and personality.

Take advantage of Simple Shapes's extensive collection of kids' wall decals to transform your child's room into the ideal environment that nurtures their emotional, cognitive, and creative development. Explore innovative solutions for room makeovers that not only enhance aesthetics and functionality but also positively impact your child's overall well-being.

Begin your child's room makeover journey today with Simple Shapes's wall decals and witness the magical transformation that follows. Create a space that both you and your child will adore, sparking joy and a sense of pride that lasts for years to come.

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