Refreshing Your Kids' Playroom with Simple Shapes Wall Decals and Temporary Wallpaper

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August 08, 2023

Creating a playroom that fosters creativity, stimulates the imagination, and encourages learning is a key goal for many parents. Simple Shapes, the leader in modern wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper, offers an expansive range of innovative and artistically designed wall-covering solutions to revitalize your kids' playroom. A husband-and-wife team of an Architect and a Graphic Designer lead this visionary company, and their combined design expertise ensures you'll find tasteful, inspiring, and functional wall decor options for your children's play area.

In this blog post, we will explore various strategies for updating and refurbishing your children's playroom using Simple Shapes' wall decals and temporary wallpaper. We will provide insight into essential aspects such as nurturing creativity and learning, promoting organization and safety, designing for flexibility and adaptability, and infusing the space with your child's personality and interests. 

Tap into the creative potential of wall decor to transform your kids' playroom into a wonder-filled haven where their creativity and imagination can flourish. With Simple Shapes, you can effortlessly elevate any play space to meet the ever-evolving needs and preferences of your growing children.

Nurturing Creativity and Learning with Wall Decor

Design a playroom that fosters creativity, imagination, and learning using Simple Shapes wall decals and temporary wallpaper, which can help spark your children's curiosity and encourage their personal development.

1. Educational Wall Decals

Choose wall decals that feature educational elements such as maps, alphabets, or numbers, reinforcing your child's learning in an approachable and visually appealing manner.

2. Inspiring Imaginative Play

Select wall decor that encourages imaginative play through the use of vivid colors, whimsical patterns, or fantastical scenes that fuel your child's creativity and transport them to another world.

3. Creating Interactive Zones

Incorporate interactive wall decals or temporary wallpaper, such as chalkboard or dry-erase surfaces, that invite your children to express themselves and engage with their environment.

Promoting Organization and Safety with Wall Decor

Create a safe, organized, and clutter-free playroom environment with Simple Shapes wall decals and temporary wallpaper by incorporating storage solutions, designating specific play zones, and adhering to child-friendly design.

1. Wall Decals with Built-in Storage

Opt for wall decals that feature built-in storage components such as shelves or hooks, helping you maintain a clutter-free play area while maximizing floor space for play.

2. Designating Play Zones

Use wall decals or temporary wallpaper to visually differentiate specific play zones within the room, encouraging your children to engage in various activities while promoting a sense of order and structure.

3. Ensuring Child-Friendly Design

Choose wall decor that adheres to child-friendly design elements, such as rounded edges and non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and fun environment for your children.

Designing for Flexibility and Adaptability

Incorporate versatile and adaptable Simple Shapes wall decals and temporary wallpaper solutions that can grow and change along with your child's evolving needs and interests.

1. Customizable and Repositionable Wall Decor

Opt for customizable wall decals or temporary wallpaper that can be easily reconfigured or updated, enabling you to keep your playroom design fresh and engaging without extensive effort or expense.

2. Removable and Reusable Decals and Wallpaper

Choose wall decor options that can be quickly removed or replaced with new designs and themes as your child's preferences change, ensuring a playroom environment that continuously caters to their emerging interests.

3. Transitional Design Themes

Select wall decals and temporary wallpaper concepts that can easily transition from childhood to adolescence, ensuring your playroom design remains relevant and appealing as your child grows older.

Infusing the Space with Your Child's Personality and Interests

Design a playroom that truly reflects your child's interests, passions, and personality with the unique, creative, and diverse wall decals and temporary wallpaper options offered by Simple Shapes.

1. Reflecting Personal Interests

Incorporate wall decor that showcases your child's hobbies, favorite book or movie characters, or personal goals, allowing the playroom design to resonate with their individuality and encourage self-expression.

2. Involving Your Child in the Design Process

Include your child in the selection process of wall decals and temporary wallpaper, helping them take ownership of the playroom design and fostering a sense of pride and connection in their play environment.

3. Personalizing with Custom Wall Decor

Opt for custom wall decals that feature your child's name, initials, or a personal quote, reinforcing their unique personality and identity within the playroom design.


Transforming your children's playroom into a stimulating, imaginative, and enjoyable environment is achievable using the diverse, modern, and artistically designed wall decals and temporary wallpaper solutions provided by Simple Shapes. By focusing on nurturing creativity and learning, promoting organization and safety, designing for flexibility and adaptability, and infusing the space with your child's personality and interests, you can create the ultimate play haven that grows with your child.

Embrace the potential of wall decor to breathe new life into your kids' playroom, crafting a design that encourages play, learning, and self-expression. With Simple Shapes, you can embark on this creative journey and fashion a play space that appeals not only to your children's imaginations but also to their evolving needs and preferences using our wide range of customizable wall decals. Whether you are refreshing an existing playroom or designing a new one, Simple Shapes provides the inspiration, variety, and expertise to help you envision and execute the perfect at-home play environment. Browse our collection of wall decals today!

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