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August 15, 2023

Indoor plants not only add vibrant life to your living space but also contribute to a healthy environment by purifying the air and creating a sense of tranquility. As an avid plant enthusiast or an aspiring green thumb, you may be seeking ways to integrate plants into your home while maintaining a stylish and cohesive design. Simple Shapes, led by a husband-and-wife team of an Architect and a Graphic Designer, offers a plethora of striking wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper that can seamlessly elevate your home while complementing and enhancing the presence of your cherished indoor plants.

In this blog post, we will explore creative and innovative ideas for using Simple Shapes' wall decor products to design captivating indoor plant displays that harmonize with your overall home design. We will delve into topics such as arranging plants with wall shelves or decals, using temporary wallpaper in bold designs to complement plant colors, and incorporating nature-inspired patterns or designs to create a unified, greenery-oriented living space for all plant enthusiasts.

Join us on this verdant journey, where Simple Shapes' custom and unique wall decor designs will expertly cater to the needs of plant enthusiasts everywhere. Learn how to accentuate and support the thriving life of your indoor plants with gorgeously designed plant display areas throughout your home. Let your flourishing and breathtaking indoor greenery haven become the centerpiece of your home décor, as you curate an enchanting, plant-filled oasis that nurtures your love for nature, design, and tranquility.

Elevating Plants with Wall Shelves and Decals

Create engaging vertical plant displays by utilizing wall shelves and decals, making the most of your wall space while showcasing your leafy beauties.

1. Floating Shelves for Plants

Enhance your home by installing floating wall shelves designed for plants, accommodating plant pots and containers of various shapes and sizes, ensuring that your green darlings are always the center of attention.

2. Decorative Plant Wall Decals

Celebrate your indoor plants by pairing them with visually complementary wall decals featuring botanical designs, geometric shapes, or subtle patterns that underscore their natural beauty.

3. Climbing and Hanging Plant Solutions

Opt for innovative display options, such as wall-mounted trellises or hanging planters, to accommodate climbing or cascading plants, creating a living art piece on your walls.

Complementing Plant Colors with Temporary Wallpaper

Accentuate and harmonize your plant collection with striking temporary wallpaper choices that enhance the vibrant hues and textures of your indoor greenery.

1. Bold Wallpaper Patterns for Impact

Experiment with bold wallpaper patterns or designs behind your plant displays, opting for contrasting colors or intriguing patterns that emphasize the lush foliage of your indoor garden.

2. Neutral Wallpaper for a Subtle Showcase

Choose neutral wallpaper designs to create a muted yet elegant backdrop, highlighting the natural beauty of your plants and allowing their colors and textures to take center stage.

3. Creating Visual Cohesion

Select wallpaper patterns and colors that complement the pots, planters, or containers housing your plants, establishing a visually cohesive design that unifies both plants and their containers.

Integrating Nature-Inspired Wall Decor

Curate a harmonious and balanced living space by incorporating natural or organic elements into your wall decor, seamlessly blending with your plant collection.

1. Botanical Wall Decals and Murals

Connect with the essence of nature through botanical wall decals or murals, featuring leaves, branches, or flowers, as well as landscape-themed designs that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

2. Animal or Insect Motifs

Delve into the world of fauna by adding wall decals depicting birds, butterflies, or other creatures, infusing life and energy into your space while highlighting your plant displays.

3. Natural Textures and Materials

Explore wall decor options focused on natural textures and materials, such as wood grain or stone patterns, to create a cohesive, down-to-earth environment that complements your plants and ties your design together.

Designing Plant-Centric Spaces for Relaxation

Cultivate a sense of tranquility and relaxation in your home by strategically designing serene plant-nooks, a haven for both your plants and your personal well-being.

1. Reading Nooks and Meditation Spaces

Surround your reading nook or meditation space with plants displayed on wall shelving or decals, creating an immersive, calming atmosphere to unwind and recharge.

2. Bedroom Plant Displays

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary by integrating plants and nature-inspired wall decals or wallpaper, promoting a restful, soothing ambiance that helps you leave the day's stress behind.

3. Bathroom Greenery

Infuse your bathroom with life and serenity by incorporating plant-friendly wall decor, such as waterproof decals or wallpaper, making your daily self-care routines more invigorating and enjoyable.


Harnessing the power of Simple Shapes' wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper can elevate your indoor plant oasis, merging both form and function to create a visually stunning, plant-friendly living space. By focusing on dynamic plant displays, harmonious color schemes, nature-inspired designs, and purposeful relaxation spaces, your home can become a sanctuary for your cherished green companions and a showcase of exceptional design.

Transform your living space with our stunning wall decals! Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or a touch of sophistication, Simple Shapes has a wide range of designs to suit any taste. Shop now and give your walls the makeover they deserve with our high-quality wall decals.

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