Personalize Your Dorm Room with Removable Wall Decals and Wallpaper

Personalize Your Dorm Room with Removable Wall Decals and Wallpaper

July 11, 2023

Starting college and moving into a dorm room is an exciting and memorable experience. It's your chance to create a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel at home. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to personalize your dorm room is by using removable wall decals and temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes. In this blog post, we will offer various design tips and ideas to help you create a unique and stylish college living space.

1. Choose a Theme and Color Scheme

Before purchasing and applying your wall decals and temporary wallpaper, decide on a theme and color scheme that suits your personality and preferences. Some popular dorm room themes include geometric patterns, boho style, tropical vibes, and minimalist designs. Your color scheme should complement your chosen theme and create a harmonious appearance. Remember, lighter colors can make a small space feel more open and inviting.

2. Opt for Removable Wall Decals

Dorm rooms often come with strict rules regarding permanent changes to the space, which means traditional wallpaper and paint jobs are out of the question. Thankfully, removable wall decals from Simple Shapes provide an easy, damage-free way to add personality and flair to your dorm room walls. They are easy to apply and remove, making them the perfect solution for temporary living spaces.

3. Add Inspirational Wall Quotes

Inspirational quotes are an excellent way to keep you motivated throughout the semester. Simple Shapes offers a wide range of pre-designed quotes in various styles and fonts that can easily be applied to your dorm room walls. Additionally, you can create custom wall decals using your favorite quotes, song lyrics, or memorable lines from books and movies.

4. Use Temporary Wallpaper as an Accent Wall

An accent wall is an easy way to make a bold statement in your dorm room. Create one by applying temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes to one of your walls. This adds visual interest and helps break up a small space. Temporary wallpaper is available in a variety of designs and patterns, making it simple to find one that complements your chosen theme and color scheme.

5. Add Focal Points with Wall Decals

Removable wall decals can also be used to create focal points in your dorm room. Apply decals to various parts of your room, such as behind your bed or study area, to draw attention and make those areas more visually interesting. Simple Shapes offers a wide selection of wall decals, from geometric shapes and florals to more artistic and abstract designs.

6. Incorporate Personal Touches

To truly personalize your dorm room, incorporate personal touches into your wall art. Simple Shapes offers a variety of customizable wall decals that can include your name, initials, or favorite words. This not only adds a unique touch to your space but also reminds you of your identity and passions amidst the chaos of college life.

7. Maximize Your Space with Functional Wall Decals

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, so it's essential to utilize your space wisely. Functional wall decals, such as calendars, to-do lists, and goal trackers, can serve multiple purposes by adding personality to your walls and helping you stay organized. Simple Shapes' range of functional wall decals is both stylish and practical, creating a seamless blend of form and function in your living space.

Conclusion: Make Your Dorm Room Show Who You Are with Wall Decals

Moving into your dorm room is an exciting and crucial part of your college journey. With unique and affordable wall decor options from Simple Shapes, you can easily design the perfect space that reflects your personality and style. By selecting a theme and color scheme, using removable wall decals and temporary wallpaper, adding inspirational quotes, creating an accent wall, incorporating personal touches, and maximizing your space with functional wall decals, you'll create an inviting and motivating living space that will feel like home throughout your college years.

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