Embracing a Scandinavian-Inspired Interior: Incorporating Minimalist Wall Decor Solutions from Simple Shapes


December 19, 2023

Scandinavian-inspired interior design has garnered widespread popularity over recent years due to its charming blend of minimalism, functionality, and natural warmth. For those seeking to incorporate this aesthetic into their own homes, Simple Shapes offers a range of unique, high-quality wall decals, wallpaper, and prints that can be effortlessly integrated into a Scandinavia-inspired design. Famed for their striking simplicity and modern aesthetic design, Simple Shapes' products cater to both homeowners and commercial clients seeking to enhance their indoor spaces with easy-to-install and removable wall decor solutions.

In this blog article, we will delve into the captivating world of Scandinavian-inspired interior design and explore how Simple Shapes' wall decor solutions can be utilized to create distinctively stylish and functional environments. We will outline the key components of a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, guide you through selecting the most suitable wall decals and wallpaper designs to complement this design style, and provide practical tips for integrating Simple Shapes' products into your existing or new interior decor.

Join us on this journey to embrace the captivating simplicity of Scandinavian-inspired design, and learn how Simple Shapes can help you achieve the perfect balance of form and function with their minimalist wall decor solutions. Create warm and inviting living spaces that are both stylish and functional, incorporating the principles of Scandinavian design and using Simple Shapes' products to capture and elevate this timeless aesthetic.

Continuing from the Introduction:

1. Key Components of Scandinavian-Inspired Interior Design

Gain a deeper understanding of the primary design principles and elements that define the essence of Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics.

A. Simplicity and Minimalism

Explore the significance of simplicity and minimalism within Scandinavian design and learn how to incorporate these principles into your home using Simple Shapes' wall decor solutions.

B. Functionality and Practicality

Uncover the importance of functionality and practicality in Scandinavian-inspired interiors and discover how incorporating well-designed, functional wall decor from Simple Shapes can elevate your space.

C. Use of Natural Elements

Delve into the Nordic appreciation for nature and its influence on Scandinavian design, and learn how Simple Shapes' products can evoke a connection to the natural world within your interiors.

2. Selecting Suitable Wall Decals and Wallpaper Designs

Discover the range of Simple Shapes wall decals, wallpaper, and print designs that perfectly align with the minimalist yet warm essence of Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics.

A. Choosing Neutral Color Palettes

Understand the role of neutral, earthy color palettes in Scandinavian interiors and learn about Simple Shapes' offerings that embody these serene hues.

B. Focusing on Minimalist Patterns and Motifs

Explore the minimalist patterns and motifs that are characteristic of Scandinavian design, and how Simple Shapes' wall decor solutions can help you seamlessly incorporate them into your home.

3. Practical Tips for Integrating Simple Shapes Products into a Scandinavian Design

Learn how to successfully incorporate Simple Shapes' minimalist wall decor solutions into your existing or new Scandinavian-inspired interior design.

A. Balancing Clean Lines, Textures, and Materials

Master the art of combining clean lines with a variety of textures and materials, creating a harmonious and balanced Scandinavian aesthetic using Simple Shapes products.

B. Styling with Intention and Purpose

Discover the importance of intentional interior styling and purposeful placement when using Simple Shapes wall decor to create inviting, clutter-free spaces.

4. The Impact of Scandinavian-Inspired Interiors on Well-being

Uncover the benefits of living in a Scandinavian-style home and learn how the usage of calming, intentional design can foster a sense of wellness within your living spaces.

A. Creating Calm and Harmonious Environments

Examine how Scandinavian-inspired designs contribute to the creation of serene, calming environments, and understand the role of Simple Shapes' decor in elevating this tranquil atmosphere.

B. Cultivating a Wellness-Driven Design Philosophy

Explore the connection between Scandinavian interior design and the concept of well-being, and learn how utilizing Simple Shapes wall decor can help you foster this wellness-driven approach in your home.


In the pursuit of simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty, Scandinavian-inspired interior design offers a refreshingly minimalistic approach that has universal appeal. Simple Shapes' diverse range of high-quality, removable wall decals, wallpaper, and prints provides a multitude of opportunities to seamlessly incorporate these design principles within any space, resulting in stylish, functional, and inviting living environments.

By understanding the key components of Scandinavian aesthetics, choosing suitable wall decor designs, and skillfully integrating Simple Shapes products into your existing or new interior, you can create captivating spaces that embody the serene essence of Nordic design. As you embrace the transformative power of minimalist wall decor, the impact of this timeless design philosophy can extend beyond aesthetics to foster a sense of well-being, calmness, and harmony within your home.

Experience the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian-inspired design with the help of Simple Shapes' wall decor solutions, and let your interiors exude the warmth, functionality, and timeless elegance that have made Nordic aesthetics so endearing and sought-after. Create an inviting sanctuary that not only elevates your living spaces but also nurtures your overall sense of well-being, ensuring every corner of your home reflects the essence of Scandinavian design.

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