How Textured Wallpapers Can Significantly Transform Decors

How Textured Wallpapers Can Significantly Transform Decors

July 04, 2023

Whether you're a proud homeowner or a humble apartment resider, you'd know that a room's ambiance or atmosphere is crucial in creating a positive living or working environment. How a space feels can influence our mood, energy levels, creativity, and productivity. It also means considering elements like lighting, color scheme, furniture arrangement, and decor. 

While these elements are critical in decorating a space, you can't complete a room's vibe without incorporating texture. And the best way to add depth and interest to your area is by investing in textured look wallpaper. Also, we especially recommend investing in peel-and-stick options for better convenience. 

If you want to create an exciting and inviting area for yourself and your guests, this article will explain how textured look wallpapers can drastically transform decors.

1. Enjoy Instant, Stress-Free Makeovers

If you want to enhance the atmosphere of a space, textured look wallpaper, particularly the peel-and-stick variety, is the most convenient option. It allows you to quickly cover large wall areas with any texture, making it the fastest way to renovate and personalize your interiors. 

If you live in a dull, generic rental, textured look wallpaper can help you turn it into a desired setting like a warm log cabin, a rustic industrial loft, or a stylish urban studio.

2. Be Kinder on Your Budget 

If you want a standout wall in your living room but don't have the money or time for natural stone cladding, consider using stone-textured look wallpaper instead. It is a more affordable and convenient option, allowing for quick installation and being lighter on your wallet.

3. Add Depth and Dimension

Adding depth and dimension to your walls can transform a flat and dull living space into a visually engaging and dynamic environment. textured look wallpaper is one way to achieve this without breaking the bank. It's budget-friendly, easy to install and remove, and can create a warm, cozy, modern, and sleek look. Also, you can use it to create an accent wall, adding depth and serving as a focal point in a room.

Should I Emboss My Textured Wallpaper?

Many people think that textured wallpaper must have raised patterns. However, that's untrue because flat prints can create a visual texture without any physical surface. These options only have visual textures, so you can't feel embossed patterns or textures. However, these peel-and-stick wallpapers can still give the appearance of a wood-paneled wall, an exposed brick wall, or a peeling plaster effect for a shabby chic look.

Can I Still Use Non-embossed Wallpapers?

Non-embossed wallpapers can easily cover with new wallpaper during redecoration. They can also offer a lower chance of selecting the wrong visual texture. That way, you'll relieve yourself from the worry of the final product not matching the image you were initially attracted to.

What Should I Do If My Wall Is Also Textured?

Clients often ask if they can apply wallpaper to textured surfaces. Sadly, we don't have a straightforward answer to this question. Peel and stick wallpapers work best on smooth, non-textured walls because a flat surface allows for better contact between the wallpaper's adhesive backing and the wall. When applied to a textured wall, the adhesive may only make partial contact, resulting in less than optimal-adherence.

Thus, these wall decor options are typically suitable for walls with a slight texture, like orange peel. However, if your walls have a combination of an eggshell finish and texture, it may be difficult for the wallpaper to adhere correctly. Therefore, you should use wallpaper smoother multiple times to ensure it sticks. If you are uncertain, we strongly advise ordering a sample before purchasing.

Sticking to a More Artistic Touch

All living spaces deserve texture because this element can significantly transform their looks, even with a limited budget. You can enjoy this while sticking to a budget using textured look wallpapers, especially the peel-and-stick options, and ordering samples. 

If your home or apartment needs high-quality textured peel-and-stick wallpaper, visit Simple Shapes! Our company offers affordable and easily changeable designs for homes and offices. Shop now to enjoy an aesthetically appealing living or working space!

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