DIY Focal Point Ideas with Wallpaper for a Striking Statement

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June 08, 2023

A focal point is a design element that captures the attention and sets the tone for the entire room. It can be anything from a bold piece of artwork to a unique piece of furniture, but one of the most versatile and impactful ways to create a focal point is with wallpaper. 

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days of outdated patterns and complex installation. Today, removable wallpaper, stick wallpaper, wall decals, and wall vinyls have become popular options for those looking to add a stylish focal point to any room. 

With a wide variety of designs and textures available, the possibilities are endless. This article will explore various ideas and methods to create a stunning focal point using wallpaper.

1. Bold Patterns and Eye-Catching Prints

One of the most straightforward ways to make a statement with wallpaper is by choosing a bold pattern or an eye-catching print. Large-scale patterns, abstract designs, or colorful motifs can all serve as captivating centerpieces for your room.

Consider your space's overall style and theme when selecting a wallpaper pattern. For example, opt for a geometric print in a bold color scheme if you have a modern and minimalist design. On the other hand, if your space is more traditional or eclectic, a vintage-inspired floral or damask pattern may be more fitting.

2. Accent Walls: A Tried and True Technique

Creating an accent wall with wallpaper is a tried and true technique for establishing a focal point in a room. By covering just one wall in a striking wallpaper design, you can create visual interest and contrast while still maintaining a sense of balance and harmony throughout the space.

Consider the room's architectural features and layout when selecting which wall to use as your accent wall. Ideally, choose a wall that is directly visible upon entering the room or one that frames a significant feature, such as a fireplace or a large window. Additionally, make sure that the wallpaper you choose complements the colors and textures of the other walls in the room.

3. Wallpapered Ceilings: Elevate Your Design

While it may be unconventional, wallpapering your ceiling can create an unexpected and memorable focal point in a room. This technique is particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings or unique architectural details, such as exposed beams or skylights.

When selecting a wallpaper design for your ceiling, consider the room's overall style and color palette. A subtle pattern or a monochromatic color scheme will add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Also, be mindful of the scale of the pattern, as a large-scale design may make the room feel smaller and more enclosed.

4. Framed Wallpaper Panels: Artful and Versatile

If you're hesitant to commit to covering an entire wall or ceiling with wallpaper, consider creating a focal point with framed wallpaper panels. This technique involves cutting and preparing sections of wallpaper, which can then be hung on the wall like traditional artwork.

Framed wallpaper panels are a versatile option, as they can be easily rearranged or replaced to refresh your space's look. They also provide an opportunity to showcase multiple coordinating patterns or to create a gallery wall effect.

5. Textured and Dimensional Wallpaper: Depth and Intrigue

Textured and dimensional wallpaper can add depth and intrigue to a room, creating a stunning focal point that invites closer inspection. From embossed patterns to three-dimensional designs, these wallpapers add a tactile element to your space, setting it apart from traditional flat wallpapers.

When selecting a textured or dimensional wallpaper, consider the room's lighting and how it will interact with the wallpaper's texture. For example, metallic or reflective wallpaper can catch the light and create a shimmering effect, while a matte texture may add warmth and softness to the space.


Creating a focal point with wallpaper is an effective and stylish way to transform your space. You can make a stunning visual statement that reflects your personal style by incorporating bold patterns, textures, murals, or zoning techniques. 

And with the ease of removable wallpaper, stick wallpaper, wall decals, and wall vinyls, you can experiment with different looks and change up your décor as often as you like. 

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