Décalcomanies pour arbres

Les autocollants pour arbres sont le moyen idéal pour apporter la beauté et la tranquillité de la nature dans n'importe quel espace ! Découvrez notre autocollant d'arbre généalogique toujours populaire et le plus vendu pour votre hall ou votre couloir ou parcourez notre sélection de bouleaux et de cerisiers en fleurs pour la décoration parfaite d'une chambre d'enfant ou d'une chambre de bébé.
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Type de produit
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Décalcomanie murale arbre généalogique par Simple Shapes      
À partir de $99.00 $150.00
Décalcomanie murale petits arbres      
À partir de $34.00
Décalcomanie murale bouleaux avec de jolis animaux de la forêt      
À partir de $165.00
Décalcomanie murale bouleaux avec animaux      
À partir de $175.00
Décalcomanie murale bouleau avec hiboux      
À partir de $125.00
Décalcomanie murale montagnes avec ciel nocturne      
Décalcomanie murale arbres avec pandas      
À partir de $165.00
Décalcomanie murale arbre avec des amis de la forêt      
Décalcomanie d’arbre en fleurs de cerisier - Style plafond      
Décalcomanie de saule pleureur avec fleurs de cerisier      
À partir de $130.00
Autocollant d'arbre en fleurs de cerisier - Style élégant      
$130.00 $149.00
Décalcomanie d'arbre dépassant les feuilles qui tombent      
À partir de $130.00
Décalcomanies murales bouleau avec cerf et oiseau      
À partir de $155.00
Décalcomanie murale hiboux de forêt amicaux avec arbre de coin      
À partir de $135.00
Décalcomanie arbre feuilles soufflantes      
Décalcomanie d’arbre généalogique - Deux couleurs - Décalcomanies murales      
À partir de $99.00 $150.00
Décalcomanie d’arbre d’hiver      
À partir de $89.00 $98.00
Décalcomanie murale panda et arbre en fleurs de cerisier      
Ensemble d'autocollants muraux en bouleau      
À partir de $125.00
Décalcomanie murale paresseux sur une branche d’arbre      
Décalcomanie d’arbre de saule pleureur feuillu      
À partir de $165.00
Décalcomanie murale 3 singes avec palmier      
Based on 802 reviews

I like them. I may try a few more before I decide. The samples are perfect to try in the space

Bloom dark rose mural

Wow! The easiest wallpaper to hang!! Absolutely gorgeous and just as pictured on website. Great customer service!

Bought sample

Sample was enough to envision the look of the intended room. Seems like a quality product. I intend to buy a roll.

Great wallpaper!

Love the design and how easy it is to apply. A+++


Love the texture and design

Beautiful High Quality Wallpaper!

Before my project began, the support team was SO helpful determining exactly how much wallpaper I needed. I almost bought an extra roll, but they told me I didn't need it. It was easy to understand the application, though I didn't realize until the end of my project that the wallpaper came with a smoother. The wallpaper DOES stretch easily, so be careful when aligning sheets. The design itself is beautiful, and it was worth every dollar to dress up my workout/pole room at home!

amazing quality. super easy to peel & stick!!

Love this modern wallpaper

It is a nice thick paper and I love the modern take on this flowery pattern.

World Map in Church Nursery

Very high resolution print quality and good adhesive.

Great wallpaper and excellent customer service too!

We had a great experience. Not only did the wallpaper come out great, when my first installer totally destroyed my first order, they helped me get more asap at a discount. They went above and beyond despite it not being their fault and it meant so much as I tried to get my daughter’s room ready for her bday! Will purchase from here again

The quality of the wallpaper is amazing.

The quality of the wallpaper is amazing. It was pretty easy to put on, even being 35 weeks pregnant. Aligning is probably the most difficult part, because I really wanted it to be perfect, but peeling up and adjusting was pretty simple, you just have to be patient. I love how it came out! The first time I ordered, I mistakenly only got one panel, idk how, I read everything measured everything and still somehow didn’t order correctly. When I emailed the supplier, they were super helpful and explained what I needed to do in order to get what I needed and offered a discount for one of the options. Overall amazing experience and not only do I love it, but everyone that see her room is truly impressed!


This paper is amazing! Not only is it beautiful, it was cut to perfectly line up for ease of installation. It was packaged very well and shipped quickly. Highly recommend this shop.

Growth Chart Markers

I really like these growth chart markers. I’m using them on a wood ruler and they are so sturdy I don’t have to worry about them coming off any time soon.

It's beautiful

It's beautiful. Looks exactly like the photos. Strips were labeled so we knew how to order them on the wall to match the pattern. Would order again!

Easy Update

These were so easy to use and look great on our basement stairs. Big change without breaking the bank or taking days to finish.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME… This is STUNNING! Beautiful wallpaper! The seller helped me out tremendously after I made an error and didn’t order enough wallpaper the first time around! Highly recommend! My husband put it up by himself in under two hours! Could not be happier 😍 We put this up in my 2 YOs room and she got a HUGE smile on her face when she walked in and saw it, it was so cute!

Great quality. Fast turn around and shipping. Beautiful product. Will definitely use again and recommend to others.

Looks like it will be beautiful. Bought the wallpaper via Hime Depot because their measuring system was easier to follow over Simple shapes website.

Really cute!

You'll need to have patience and be a person that pays attention to detail. :) But if you focus down you can get it done in a couple of hours and it'll look great!

I’m still waiting on mine

Looks great but requires patience

Nice quality paper. Peel and stick requires a lot of patience to put up. Took me over 10 hours to put this on a 10 foot wall. Take time to prep the wall. End product looks very nice.

Bloom flower pattern

It's just gorgeous. I'm using it to fancy up some face plate covers in my kitchen and it pretty much matches my valance. This company is awesome to deal with. Shipping was fast and great follow through with customer service.

Beautiful wallpaper! Cheaper option than one similar to Serena and Lily.

These samples of wallpaper are lovely! Now, which one to choose?