Simple Shapes의 가계도 벽 데칼

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이것은 모두가 이야기해왔던 오리지널 패밀리 트리 데칼입니다! 사진 갤러리 벽에 영감을 줄 수 있는 독특한 배경을 제공합니다. 액자에 담긴 가족 사진을 추가하고 추억과 함께 꽃이 피는 나무를 감상해보세요!

전체 나무를 받게 되며, 의자 레일이 있는 경우 트렁크를 잘라서 벽에 절반만 표시할 수 있습니다(메인 이미지 참조).

모든 이미지를 확인하고 받고 싶은 크기와 색상을 선택하세요.

사진과 액자는 포함되어 있지 않습니다.

표준 크기:
(대략): 107"wx 90"h

표준 크기에 20인치 확장 추가:
(대략): 107"wx 110"h

작은 크기:
(대략): 95"wx 80"h

Customer Reviews

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Cindy H.
Family Tree Wall Decal

I like my tree!! I watched the video and followed the instructions. I had to get my husband to assist me with the application. We are still married. We have lightly textured walls. I like seeing the bumps on the vinyl for a realistic look on the wide parts of the bark. We did have some trouble spots. Some of the pieces had lots of leaves. Might be nice to break the many leaves section into smaller sections. There were 30 pieces to hang. We took two days. It has been 24 hours, since we finished. It is still stuck to the wall. Next step is the photos.


Great product


The time to receive the order was very prompt. My tree was put up today by my sister-in-law who also has one where I got the idea to get one. And love love it. Will recommend this company to others.


I will let you know. I have not put it up yet.