Chalkboard Contact Paper 9 foot roll (108 inches) + (5) Color Chalk Included


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Turn any surface into a chalkboard using Chalkboard Contact Paper by Simple Shapes. You get a full roll of chalkboard contact paper that is 18 inches x 9 feet long! (17.7" x 108") (45 CM x 275 CM)

Our chalkboard wall sticker can be cut and trimmed using scissors or a craft knife and works on any flat or light textured walls.

Simple to install, just peel and stick, just like a sticker! Trim/cut to your exact needs. Our 9 foot roll allows you to cover a strip of 17.7 inch wide wall from floor to ceiling.

5 pieces of colored chalk included. 

Overall Size (approx): 17.7"w x 108"h 

whats included: 
Chalkboard roll
5 pieces of colored chalk

Important Cleaning Tips for Simple Shapes® Chalkboard and Chalk Marker products: 
When using Simple Shapes® Chalk Markers on our Chalkboard products or other hard and non-porous surfaces, we recommend the following cleaning tips. 

For chalk marker writing that is just a few days old, use a paper towel with water to wipe clean.

For older chalk marker writing that does not easily wipe off with a wet paper towel, we recommend either using a spray cleaner such as Kaboom or Oxy Clean. A Mr. Clean magic eraser also works well. Other cleaning products have not been tested and are not recommended. 

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Chalkboard Contact Paper
Chalkboard Contact Paper Blackboard Wall Decal Chalkboard Wall Decal