Revamping Your Entryway with Simple Shapes Wall Decals and Wallpaper

Revamping Your Entryway with Simple Shapes Wall Decals and Wallpaper

9월 26, 2023

Your home's entryway is the first impression visitors have of your living space, setting the tone and style for the rest of your home. Incorporating carefully chosen wall decals and temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes can significantly impact the ambiance, functionality, and design of your entryway, ensuring your guests are greeted with a stylish and inviting atmosphere. 

In this blog post, we will explore various strategies for incorporating Simple Shapes' wall decals and temporary wallpaper to create a stunning and functional entryway. We will focus on essential elements such as maximizing storage, establishing a color scheme, creating focal points, and showcasing your personal style. Whether you're working with a small entryway or an expansive foyer, Simple Shapes' diverse collection of wall decor can help you make the most of your space and create an entrance that impresses and delights.

Join us as we delve into the art of designing an eye-catching and functional entryway using Simple Shapes' expertly designed wall decals and temporary wallpaper. Learn how the right wall decor choices can transform the first impression your home makes on visitors, establishing a welcoming and harmonious environment from the moment they step through your front door.

Maximizing Storage and Keeping Clutter at Bay

Enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your entryway by incorporating expertly designed wall decals and temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes, providing efficient storage solutions and maintaining a clutter-free space.

1. Storage Solutions for Every Entryway

Choose wall decals and temporary wallpaper with integrated storage options, such as shelves, hooks, or cubbies, optimizing the available space in your entryway and accommodating your specific storage needs.

2. Concealed and Neat Storage

Opt for storage solutions that help conceal everyday items, like shoes and keys, maintaining a clean and visually appealing entryway that welcomes your guests without overwhelming them with clutter.

3. Entryway Zones and Organization

Utilize wall decals and temporary wallpaper to establish designated zones, such as coat hanging, shoe storage, or umbrella spot, ensuring your entryway remains organized and practical.

Establishing a Cohesive Color Scheme

Create a visually appealing and harmonious entryway by selecting wall decals and temporary wallpaper with a cohesive color palette, setting the mood for the rest of your home.

1. Choosing a Welcoming Color Palette

Consider incorporating a color scheme that evokes warmth and welcoming feelings, opting for wall decor in soothing hues or harmonious tones to create a pleasant and inviting entryway.

2. Connecting Entryway Colors to the Rest of Your Home

Ensure a seamless visual transition from your entryway to the rest of your home by using a color palette that complements or matches your overall home decor, resulting in a balanced and consistent design.

3. Experimenting with Accent Colors and Patterns

Add visual interest and personality to your entryway by incorporating wall decals and temporary wallpaper with pops of accent colors or patterns that showcase your unique style and preferences.

Creating Focal Points and Showcasing Personal Style

Design a captivating entryway that reflects your individuality by incorporating eye-catching wall decals and temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes, serving as unique focal points or conversation starters for guests entering your home.

1. Wall Decals as Art Installations

Opt for wall decals and temporary wallpaper pieces that double as art, creating a stunning visual impact and adding an element of refinement to your entryway.

2. Personalizing Your Entryway

Incorporate wall decor that showcases your unique interests, hobbies, or collections, allowing your personality to shine through and creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes your guests feel at home.

3. Mirrors and Lighting Effects

Utilize mirrors and wall decals with reflective surfaces to enhance natural light in your entryway, creating a bright and welcoming space for your guests to enter.

Ensuring Flow and Harmony in Your Entryway Design

Design an entryway that seamlessly blends with the rest of your home by incorporating Simple Shapes wall decals and temporary wallpaper in a way that ensures a consistent flow and harmony throughout your living space.

1. Coordinating Wall Decor with Fixed Elements

Consider any fixed elements in your entryway, such as flooring or architectural features, when choosing wall decals and temporary wallpaper, creating a cohesive design that works with the existing elements of your space.

2. Maintaining Visually Pleasing Proportions

Opt for wall decor that is proportionate to the size and dimensions of your entryway, ensuring a visually pleasing hierarchy of elements and avoiding overcrowded or sparse appearances.

3. Creating Smooth Transitions Between Spaces

Utilize complementary wall decals and temporary wallpaper to create a smooth transition between your entryway and the neighboring rooms, promoting a sense of cohesion and harmony in your home's design.


Creating an inviting, functional, and stylish entryway is achievable with the vast array of expertly designed wall decals and temporary wallpaper from Simple Shapes. By focusing on maximizing storage, establishing a cohesive color scheme, adding personal touches, and ensuring harmony, you can design an entryway that sets the tone for the rest of your home and provides a memorable first impression for your guests.

Simple Shapes, led by a dynamic husband-and-wife duo of an Architect and a Graphic Designer, has established itself as a leader in modern customizable wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper, offering expertly crafted products to enhance your home's entryway design. Experience the transformative impact that our wall decor can have on your entryway, making it not only a practical space but also a reflection of your unique personality and style. Browse our collection of crafted and versatile wall decor solutions today!

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