A Stylish Kid's Room Makeover with Simple Shapes Wall Decals and Wallpaper

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10월 03, 2023

Creating a captivating, functional, and stylish space for your child often involves striking a balance between playful design elements and practical features that facilitate a comfortable, nurturing environment. 

In this blog post, we will provide guidance on incorporating Simple Shapes' wide variety of wall decals and temporary wallpaper to create a beautiful and enjoyable space for your child. We will address essential components such as fostering creativity, maximizing storage and organization, promoting a healthy sleep environment, and reflecting your child's unique personality and interests. Whether you are updating a nursery, designing a study area, or revamping a tween's retreat, Simple Shapes' expertly crafted wall decor options will inspire and delight, providing endless possibilities for designing a beloved space tailored to your child's needs and preferences.

Join us in exploring the realm of creative kid's room makeovers, where vibrant colors, engaging patterns, and innovative design solutions come together to establish delightful and functional spaces that grow with your child. Discover how Simple Shapes' high-quality wall decals and temporary wallpaper can elevate your child's room from ordinary to extraordinary, creating a nurturing haven where imagination, comfort, and style go hand in hand.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination

Encourage your child's creativity and imagination by incorporating playful, interactive, and engaging wall decals and temporary wallpaper in their room, creating a space that sparks wonder and curiosity.

1. Engaging and Interactive Wall Decor

Choose wall decals that promote interactive play, such as chalkboard surfaces, magnetic boards, or themed sticker sets that allow your child to explore their creativity and storytelling abilities.

2. Storytelling through Wall Decor Themes

Select wall decals and temporary wallpaper showcasing themes, characters, or settings that your child loves, transporting them into a world of imagination and creative play within their own space.

3. Easing Transitions with Growth-friendly Designs

Opt for wall decor solutions that are easily updated as your child grows, such as removable decals or customizable temporary wallpaper, providing flexibility to evolve their room's theme and design over time.

Maximizing Storage and Organization

Organize your kid's room and optimize space through clever storage solutions, utilizing Simple Shapes' wall decals and temporary wallpaper to maintain a clutter-free and functional environment.

1. Utilizing Vertical Space for Storage

Make the most of wall space with wall decals that combine shelving, hooks, or pockets, providing stylish and practical storage solutions tailored to your child's room layout and needs.

2. Creating Distinctive Play and Study Zones

Designate separate zones for play, relaxation, and study within the room using wall decals and temporary wallpaper, fostering an organized and purpose-filled environment for your child.

3. Encouraging Kid-friendly Organization

Integrate wall decor that promotes child-friendly organization, such as easily accessible storage containers, labeled compartments, or color-coded calendars, empowering them to maintain a tidy space.

Promoting a Restful Sleep Environment

Promote healthy sleep habits and create a calming atmosphere by incorporating soothing colors, patterns, and designs in wall decals and temporary wallpaper for your child's sleeping area.

1. Calming Colors and Soothing Patterns

Choose wall decor in tranquil hues and soft patterns, such as pastel tones, stars, or simple shapes, to establish a relaxing and restful ambiance for your child's sleep zone.

2. Comforting Sleep-facilitating Elements

Incorporate wall decals with comforting features, such as soft night-time lighting, dreamy elements, or reassuring messages, helping to ease bedtime routines and create a peaceful sleeping environment.

3. Spatial Boundaries for Relaxation

Define the sleeping area with the strategic placement of wall decals and temporary wallpaper, creating boundaries within the room that signal it's time for rest and relaxation.

Reflecting Your Child's Unique Personality and Interests

Showcase your child's individuality and passions with wall decals and temporary wallpaper reflecting their hobbies, interests, and aspirations, providing a personalized space where they can thrive.

1. Wall Decor Inspired by Hobbies and Interests

Curate a collection of wall decor that celebrates your child's favorite activities, sports, or creative pursuits, ranging from dancing and soccer to painting and reading, further fueling their passion and enthusiasm.

2. Aspirational and Motivational Themes

Incorporate wall decals and temporary wallpaper displaying motivational quotes, role models, or dreamy elements that inspire your child to dream big and believe in themselves.

3. Customizable and Personalized Designs

Opt for wall decals or temporary wallpaper that features custom options, such as your child's name, initials, or favorite moments, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their room.


Designing a stylish, functional, and captivating kid's room makeover is achievable with Simple Shapes' versatile and expertly crafted wall decals and temporary wallpaper. By focusing on fostering creativity, maximizing storage and organization, promoting a healthy sleep environment, and reflecting your child's unique personality and interests, you can create an enchanting space that grows alongside your child and nurtures their burgeoning imagination.

With Simple Shapes, the leader in modern customized wall decals, stickers, and temporary wallpaper, you can achieve this balance effortlessly. Led by a dynamic husband-and-wife team of an Architect and a Graphic Designer, Simple Shapes specializes in delivering imaginative and high-quality wall decor solutions that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups, making it simple to design the perfect kid's room. Unlock the potential of a beautifully designed and personalized room for your child with guidance and exceptional wall decor solutions. Browse our collection today to get started!

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