What are wall decals?

Wall decals are the latest craze in the home makeover movement.  Sometimes called wall stickers or wall tattoos, they are essentially designs cut on a thin self adhering vinyl which can be applied to almost any surface.   They can transform the look of any room and are very popular because they are easy to apply, and very affordable

Why should I use Simple Shapes wall decals?

The question should be why SHOULDN’T you use Simple Shapes wall decals!.. All kidding aside, they are a great way of refreshing your space.  They are affordable and easy to install and there are endless possibilities to what you can do with them.

Where can I use Simple Shapes wall decals?

Our wall decals can be applied to just about any surface including drywall (your typical interior wall), concrete, glass (mirrors & windows), wood, and metal.

I have textured walls, will Simple Shapes wall decals stick to my wall?

Yes, our decals work on normal textured walls.   As long as the texture is not too deep or stucco like you shouldn’t have any problems installing our decals.  If you do have problems, you can always contact us for assistance at support@simpleshapes.com


It is very important to contact us first if you have medium to heavily textured walls because we cannot refund a transaction if the decal does not adhere to your wall.  We would be willing to send you a sample if you ask and send us a photo of your wall first.

How easy is it to install Simple Shapes wall decals?

We'd have to say that it is a fairly easy process.  We include step by step instructions and have online video tutorials.  The video’s can be found

How do you remove wall decals?

Our wall decals can be removed by slowly peeling them off.  We suggest that you use a hair dryer to warm up the vinyl as you start peeling.   That will keep the vinyl from taking off any weak areas of paint.

Are wall decals re-useable? Moveable?

Please check the description of the item you are interested in.  Unless it says “Re-stickable or Movable” they are one time use only and cannot be reused or moved.

I rent an apartment, is it safe to use wall decals?

Absolutely!  Our decals use a removable adhesive that is non permanent.  This means they will not form a permanent bond with your paint.  If you use our tip above about decal removal, you should not have any problems.

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