Family Tree Wall Decal - Tree Wall Decal for Picture Frames


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Regular Price: $150.00

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Product Description

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Our Family Tree Wall Decal provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your photo gallery wall inspiration. The Family Tree Decal is available in Chestnut Brown, Black, or any custom color from our color chart. Add your framed family photos and enjoy watching your tree blossom with memories!

Standard size: 
approx. 107"w x 90"h

Small size:
approx. 95"w x 80"h

What's included:
Family Tree Decal

Additional information:
Photos and frames are not included.

Want the leaves in a different color? Check out our Two Color Family Tree Wall Decal here.

Need a smaller, more narrow version of the Family Tree? Check out our Narrow Family Tree Wall Decal here.

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Family Tree Wall Decal
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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 85
Average rating : 4.9 /5
B. Tanya
5/ 5
A. Anonymous
5/ 5
WOW! This turned out amazing! The instructions were very clear and were easy to understand. Take your time and you will have no issues!
W. Ingrid
5/ 5
It took a while to put it up but is really nice. Can’t wait to add my pictures
H. Judith
5/ 5
O. Diane
5/ 5
I am so happy I purchased the Family Tree Wall Decal. It is beautiful! TAKE YOUR TIME and you can do it! Directions are clear and so easy to follow. The decals come on 5 separate sheets labeled A-E. You cut out the decals on sheet A, and then you put the decals on your wall in the 1, 2, 3 order as indicated. I did only one sheet a day because I wanted to take my time and not "rush" the project. I think people who had problems with the decals worked too quickly and did not have the patience to finish the task. I would buy this again! I am now looking at other decals and wallpapers that Simple Shapes has to offer.