DIY Home Rock Wall For Your Kids

How to build a kids rock wall 


 Are you feeling a little ambitious today?  Let’s take on a somewhat simple project to liven up that finished basement or kids playroom.  Today we will be installing a kids rock climbing wall!  Let’s start off with our materials list.

Materials needed:

  1. A plain old boring wall.  (The taller the better.  Our wall is just under 8ft. )
  2. Sheets of 3/4″ Birch or Maple Sanded Plywood
  3. 1-7/8″ Self Drill Drywall Screws
  4. Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, Wall Decals, or Paint (optional)
  5. Screw on type Rock Holds
  6. 1″ Self Drill Screws (if your Rock Holds do not include the screws)

Equipment needed:

  1. Sheet Sander if you are lazy like me OR regular sandpaper
  2. Power Drill with drill bit for the drywall screws / Cordless screw driver
  3. Stud Finder

I mentioned above that this is a somewhat simple project.  I say this because the hard part is planning everything.  Once you have everything planned, it really is simple.

Let’s begin with Planning.  First, measure and sketch out your wall on a piece of paper.  Now that you have your wall width and height (and hopefully no windows or openings if possible) it’s time to layout the plywood.  Keep a few things in mind when you do the layout.

  1. Plywood is sold in sheets that are 4ft x 8ft.  IF you have an SUV or wagon you need to measure to see what is the largest size that will fit in your vehicle.
  2. Home Depot or Lowes will usually make up to 3  saw cuts (or 4 if ask nicely and go during off-peak times).  This is per sheet of plywood and best of all FREE OF CHARGE.

You want to have Home Depot or Lowes take care of ALL of the cutting for you so make a sketch of each sheet of  4×8 plywood  and the dimensions/location of each cut.  The go to Home Depot or Lowes during off-peak hours and pull the sheets of plywood onto your cart.  Then mark each sheet with where it needs to be cut.

Once you have all of the plywood back at home, you need to sand the edges down so they are smooth to the touch and do not leaves splinters.  Now the fun can begin!


Step 1: Attach the Plywood to your wall.  When doing so, you need to locate your studs with a stud finder.  Pre-drill the plywood at the stud locations and then screw in to the wall using the 1-7/8″ self drilling screws.


Step 2: Once you have finished installing the plywood, you can choose to either paint the plywood OR cover it with some wallpaper, wall decals or oversize wall art.  We chose a Kids Mountains Wallpaper by Simple Shapes.  This is a peel and stick wallpaper because it is so easy to install and adds quite a nice effect.  It is also removable so you can do a different design each season if you want! 


Step 3: Install your rock holds in a staggered pattern with the 1″ screws.

Finally, let your kids have some fun!  This is a perfect fall time project that will get lots of use if you have cold winters and are stuck at home during those winter storms.

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